Web Xtreme, commonly referred to as WebXUK is a subsidiary company owned by Gaz’s Web Services Limited (Hereinafter GWS) to provide great Freelance Website Creation services to anyone who needs them. Until the 19/04/2020 all Freelance Website services where provided by GWS and where marketed if needed by GWS also. Web Xtreme was created to separate other services provided by GWS and Freelance Website Creation, having done that, Web Xtreme started taking over GWS websites on 19/04/2020 although admittedly not all websites where took over effective from that date. One of the first websites took over by Web Xtreme was Globe Remixes which is a website full of new and old songs that have been remixed by DJs from across the globe. We provide an affordable solution to those who want to focus on what they know best and give the worries of website creation and/or maintenance to a company that knows what they’re doing. We started as a Freelance Website Creation only company but are now taking over the WordPress Maintenance service from GWS seeing that all website services are provided by Web Xtreme. Web Xtreme created a new and much better set of services on 10/12/2020 called Web Xtreme Hosting Services where customers that don’t want to pay for Freelance website creation now don’t have to, we host websites, domains, professional emails and much more which can all be purchased by the customer and set up by the customer straight away, we also provide 24/7 365 days a year round the clock support to customers of our hosting services and will help you to the very best of our abilities. This provides a new dawn and a new day for Web Xtreme and we’re very proud to be able to provide these kind of services to our customers. Don’t worry though, if you still want to stick to our Freelance Website Creation services then you can do so by sticking with this website and our customer support methods provided on this website.

To learn more, talk to us using our Live Chat service when online (Desktop only) or use any of the methods available on our Contact page.